ELECTRICITY has become necessary in the modern world for good reasons. It travels at high speed providing light, warmth, refrigeration, air conditioning and power for running important things like modern homes, businesses, schools, hospitals and communication networks that keep us connected and informed. Many things that were once only ideas are now absolute necessities in our life, especially during emergencies; therefore every country is in dire need of building adequate electrical facilities in order to provide answers to the needs of the people in a modern and more mobile future run on electricity.
Why Green Energy?
Fuels are energy. Electricity is energy. Green Energy is what we call ecologically friendly energy. It is friendly because it is compatible with a healthy environment. Green energy has very low or no carbon emissions. And it has very low or no hazardous waste.
If we want our one world to be beautiful and healthy, we must do those things necessary to protect the delicate balance between life and death on this small and lonely planet.


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August 2012

we have international investor interest and moving forward on
an international project. Keep watching us grow

Major New Developments

 After many years of struggle PWGL has continued to develop our product design for producing massive amounts of green electricity that is also cost effective. We are working with outstanding international engineering companies and manufacturers. We have made progress and now are ready to take the next step of securing contracts.

July 2012

With a good launch this year PWGL is expected to Secure our First Major Contract International Contracts

June 2012

PWGL Currently Talking With International Bankers And Financiers On 3 Major International Projects.

April 2011

It is an exciting time as we are moving into the new decade. Our new website design and updated information is now up and running and will be posting new updates monthly. Keep watching us as we grow.

March 2011

Opportunities for investments in a variety of prototype EES Opperation Systems is open for all major Oil, Natural Gas and Power Plant opperations.

February 2011

Kyo Sun Kim is now our new Chief Fuel Advisor and International Sales Coordinator

January 2011

"Our Company Name has been changed to - "Power With Green 'Lectricity"